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Focus on Strategy Always Delivers Higher Value​

Imagine being on the operating table before the surgeon reviewed your x-rays, scans, and medical tests. It is a scary thought, but similar lack of planning is common in construction.

Too often, businesses do too much on their own and prematurely hire general contractors before plans are fully developed. This creates a mountain of new questions, problems and costs as contractors struggle with incomplete plans leading to:

Confused Customer

At Hurd, We are Far More Than a General Contractor​

We are a strategic construction advisor and complete project manager. We represent the owner’s best interest through the entire project with expert guidance and support from your earliest planning all the way through grand opening and beyond. Click here to better understand the strategic role a construction manager can play in making construction strategy your key competitive advantage.

The Hurd Strategic Advisory Difference

At Hurd, we are a strategic owner’s advisor and complete project manager, not just a contractor. Instead of fixing mistakes mid-stream, we prepare you properly on the front-end and protect your interests to eliminate expensive mistakes and waste. We deliver our highest value early in your construction planning process and guide you through a logical, proven process to eliminate risk and stretch your dollars farther. Key elements of our strategic focus include:

Strategic Alignment with Your Best Interest

Strategic Alignment with Your Best Interest

Hurd is a construction owner’s advisor, not a “contractor”. Our business upholds a fiduciary duty to represent our customer’s best interest.

Better Communication Leading to Better Planning

Better Communication Leading to Better Planning

We manage communication with all parties including real estate, architectural, design and regulatory agencies for a disciplined process from the start. 

Holistic Approaches to Strengthen and Simplify Everything

Holistic Approaches to Strengthen and Simplify Everything

Hurd brings you holistic knowledge of construction, real estate, décor and more while helping you ensure coordination with all vendors and stakeholders

Proven Best Practices to Eliminate Risk and Waste

Proven Best Practices to Eliminate Risk and Waste

Our entire business is building out and renovating retail, restaurant, and office environments. That focus brings you powerful experience and best practices.

Benefits of Hurd’s Focus on Strategic Construction Guidance

Less stress and fewer compromises from doing too many things on your own

Better communication and full upfront understanding of risks and critical factors

Clear scope and instructions for accurate contractor bids and informed decisions

Strategic time and money savings by avoiding expensive mistakes, delays, and re-work

Budget and deadline assurance with high-performing constructed spaces

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