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B The Bakery

B the Bakery Renovation Wins 2020 NAIOP Renovation Project of the Year
Hurd Construction Management provided comprehensive planning and construction support to deliver a completely new commercial bakery winning NAIOP Northeast Florida’s 2020 Renovation of the Year.

You never know what you are going to get when you do a remodel. It was not a huge project, but it was definitely a challenging project. Hurd Construction was very good at meeting with me and having all the players there so we had a good game plan. I cannot say enough for all the people that work for them. They were very easy to work with.

— Owner, B the Bakery

Project Insights from B the Bakery
Owner shares what she loved about working with Hurd to design and build out her new bakery location.

The Challenge

B the Bakery, sister company of Jacksonville’s landmark restaurants Biscotti’s and BB’s, needed to expand, relocate, and build out a new state-of-the-art commercial bakery. They turned to Hurd Construction Management for comprehensive support spanning the full process of conception, design, planning, construction and site activation.
When Brandon Hurd of Hurd Construction Management received the first call on the project, B the Bakery had already purchased a building and hired an architect, and they thought they were ready for a general contractor to get started. Hurd was concerned that the planning process was incomplete and that moving forward with a general contractor would result in a mountain of new questions, paperwork, and considerations that should have been addressed already. In these cases, moving ahead too quickly can cause significant delays, wasteful spending and even a contentious relationship with the general contractor.
B the Bakery
B the Bakery
Although B the Bakery had a good concept for the bakery’s design and operation, the project required remodeling a historic building that had previously housed a convenience store and 24-hour laundromat so that it could support the intense mechanical requirements of a large commercial bakery. Given the complex use change and the age of the building, critical issues around structural integrity, constructability, and budget feasibility needed to be fully vetted before hiring a general contractor to start construction.

The Solution

The most important contribution Hurd made on this project was advising the owner that hiring a general contractor without stronger pre-construction planning would be disastrous. With significant planning needed, Hurd signed on as a complete construction manager to make sure the project avoided the pitfalls of starting commercial construction without a complete plan.

B the Bakery

The Bakery Location Was Selected Because of Proximity to The Group’s Other Restaurants. ​

In partnership with Lane Architecture and Powell and Hinkle Engineering, Hurd conducted a thorough assessment of the historic building including partial demolition to proactively identify any concealed problems. This prevented the possibility of encountering unexpected issues that would cause significant delays and cost overruns after starting construction.
Based on the assessment, the Hurd team developed plans to address problem areas like the roof superstructure, hidden water intrusion, electrical serviceability, and necessary structural reinforcements to accommodate commercial kitchen equipment. This upfront planning allowed for a more accurate timeline, provided strategic timeline assurance for the business, and reduced cost.
B the Bakery
B the Bakery

Hurd Provided a Broad Range of Services For The Project:​

Hurd Construction Management’s expert knowledge on proper documentation of the scope of work included precise delineation between alterations, improvements, deferred maintenance, and repair, helping B the Bakery avoid harsh and unnecessary enforcement issues. Absolute precision in this area left very little to the interpretation or discretion of the regulatory agencies, increasing permitting speed and avoiding unnecessary risks and delays.
B the Bakery

The Results

The decision to emphasize upfront planning before prematurely hiring a general contractor paid off. By identifying everything the building needed ahead of time, strategically managing the permitting process, and avoiding reactive overspending with well-developed procurement strategies and proactive vendor decisions, Hurd accomplished everything needed for the project while hitting the initial deadline for active bakery operations in the new location. B the Bakery successfully baked cakes the very same day they received the certificate of occupancy and food inspection!

Hurd’s Superior Handling of The Project Delivered:​

B the Bakery
B the Bakery

Hurd’s Superior Handling of The Project Delivered:​

Final Thoughts

Hurd’s commitment to ensuring a successful project through pre-construction planning, risk assessment, and comprehensive construction management services and support gave B the Bakery the superior results they needed for their high-volume bakery operation. Both interior and exterior renovations to the existing 1968 building were completed within the necessary timeline and budget, allowing the client to commence bakery operations on time and earning Hurd Construction top honors as NAIOP Northeast Florida’s 2020 Renovation of the Year.