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The Office is Changing

Even before Covid-19, workplaces were undergoing significant transformation, and that trend will accelerate as the pandemic subsides. The impact of hybrid work on space requirements will not be straight forward as new strategies are developed to strengthen culture while increasing collaboration and innovation.
Office Buildouts and Renovations

Critical Workplace Questions to be Addressed

How can we improve business performance by transforming our workplace?

How can our facility and work strategy give us a competitive advantage?

How much can we save with a smaller footprint? What construction would be required to make that happen?

What should be reinvested to reprogram locations?

How can we minimize business disruption as we transform our workplace?

Comprehensive Knowledge and Guidance

We are a strategic owner’s advisor and complete project manager, not just a contractor. We bring you a full spectrum of knowledge to strengthen your plans, reduce risk and stretch your dollars farther including:

Statewide Reach to Support all of Your Florida Locations

Hurd has proven reach and capabilities throughout the entire state of Florida to streamline and strengthen your workplace transformation. From one project in a single location to managing multiple projects across the state, we simplify statewide initiatives with the reach and consistency you need.

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