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Proven Solutions, Increasing Speed to Market and Stretching Your Dollars Further

Whether competing for customers or employees, construction strategy is a key aspect of delivering a consistent brand experience. Recognizing the need for effective and scalable construction support to help businesses compete and evolve, we focus exclusively on supporting buildouts and renovations in retail, restaurant, and office environments. We bring you proven solutions to solve common challenges and remove frustrating obstacles including:
Focus and Expertise

Complete Knowledge and Guidance to Strengthen Your Projects

At Hurd, we combine construction expertise with extensive knowledge of real estate, décor, equipment, and procurement best practices to strengthen your projects and protect your deadlines. We partner with you early and stay with you from site selection through grand opening and beyond. Whether a prominent brand planning a statewide expansion or a franchisee building out your first location, Hurd simplifies everything – increasing speed to market and stretching your dollars further.

At Hurd, We are Far More Than a General Contractor

We are a strategic owner’s advisor and complete project manager, not just a contractor. Our business upholds a fiduciary duty to represent your best interest through your buildout and renovation projects. Instead of fixing mistakes mid-stream, we prepare you properly on the front-end to eliminate expensive mistakes and waste. Click here to better understand the critical differences between a general contractor and a construction manager to make sure you select the right role for your project.
I have seen nothing but responsiveness and good intention in all their work and personal interactions. Amongst the competition, Hurd stands above them all and demonstrates the work ethic of a national firm.

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