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Holistic Approaches for Today’s Experiential Spaces and Supply Chain Challenges​

Today’s more complicated designs are driving increasingly diverse supply chains and more technically challenging build outs.

We bring you a powerful combination of construction management expertise paired with deep knowledge of real estate, décor, equipment, and procurement best practices to help you integrate planning, reduce risk, eliminate waste, and stretch your dollars further.

We strengthen your entire construction and site activation process from start to finish with:

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Complete Project Management, Construction and Beyond

Site Selection Support and Existing Conditions Analysis​

Pre-Construction Planning (Permitting, A&D Oversight, Scoping, and Budgeting)​

Early procurement planning with proactive vendor collaboration and coordination

Construction Management and General Contracting ​

Florida statewide program management

Post-Construction, Facility Maintenance and Repairs​

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Knowledge and Support Beyond Construction to Streamline Your Projects

Today’s experiential spaces have increasingly complicated designs that blend construction materials, technology, and décor to create unique human experiences. This complexity increases the planning and coordination required to buildout or renovate space. At Hurd, we are a strategic owner’s advisor, not just a builder. We help you integrate planning, harmonize providers, and generate new ideas to make sure your deadlines and budgets are delivered.    

Simplify and Strengthen Your Projects With Hurd's Complete Project Support​​

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