//What Makes a Good Facilities Maintenance Company?

What Makes a Good Facilities Maintenance Company?

Facilities management is often considered synonymous with maintenance. In reality, maintenance is only a small part of the total property management strategy. Other key components include housekeeping, energy management, and landscaping management. Maintenance is the ongoing upkeep of property of equipment to include servicing, repairs and/or replacement of equipment.

After completing construction of your new building, recently purchasing a single or portfolio of properties, or acquiring an additional property management contract, the next step is to think about the proper maintenance and care each facility requires to stay in good working condition. Buildings need planned preventative maintenance to maintain optimal performance levels, operating conditions, safety, and economy. To prevent deterioration and avoid major issues, you’ll want to hire a facilities maintenance company to manage the ongoing routine and responsive maintenance of your building(s) throughout the years. Facility maintenance service contracts typically are for at least a minimum of one year, but often extend to multi-year agreements.

What makes a good facilities maintenance company? Whether you own one building or many, you should be hiring and retaining a facilities maintenance service provider. Buildings constantly deteriorate from the effects of weather and wear and tear. To offset this deterioration and keep buildings in serviceable condition, it is necessary to make repairs and replacements as the need arises. A contracted facility maintenance service provider will evaluate, maintain, repair and manage the building systems efficiently while doing so in a cost-effective manner. From broken doors to leaky pipes, and cleanliness to HVAC replacement, the facility maintenance service provider is able to get your building right again.

Why Do You Need A Facilities Maintenance Company

As a building owner or landlord, you may not be trained in building system maintenance or construction-type work, so if a problem arises, you may not know how to properly fix. More importantly, you may not be aware how certain systems affect other systems, or what the appropriate cost to fix. You may find yourself paying more, or even twice, if improperly completed. This is when the company will come in handy as they can properly take on any job that needs doing.

At Hurd Construction Management, we know a planned approach to facilities management will provide you the best value for your maintenance dollars as well as minimize down time from operational crises. That’s why our team wants to share with you some reasons of why you should hire a facilities maintenance company:

  • A facilities maintenance company is trained and knowledgeable in what you’re hiring them to do.
  • Optimize maintenance dollars through reduced costs, managed costs, budgeting and planning.
  • Ensure your building is attractive and competitive with other companies/buildings in your area or industry.
  • Increase your client/customer/tenant satisfaction.
  • Improve productivity and revenue generation while you focus on your business.
  • Your building will always be up to code, productive, and prepared for emergencies and disasters.

When looking for a facilities maintenance company, what makes them a great service provider? A top facility maintenance company will:

  • Eliminate danger conditions as soon as they appear (i.e. defective or broken equipment)
  • Identify and repair damaged equipment, systems, fixtures or devices before becoming significant, unnecessary cost expenditures
  • Evaluate replacement products that prove to be expensive to maintain when compared to inferior products
  • Provide life cycle costing tools for product evaluations including initial and anticipated maintenance costs
  • Maintain an attractive and inviting appearance
  • Create and implement planned maintenance program items, including:
    • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC)
    • Annual warranty inspections (i.e. roof, elevators)
    • Walls, windows and doors
    • Painting and finishes (i.e. carpet, vinyl)
    • Fire and security systems
    • Landscaping
    • Office and building equipment
    • Housekeeping
  • Create and implement Risk Management principles
  • Create and implement Energy Management principles

Looking to Hire a Facilities Maintenance Company in Jacksonville or Orlando?

As a building owner or manager, it’s important you invest in the maintenance of your building. You want your building to be up to code and in proper condition to attract customers/clients and tenants, while also being approved by local building safety and regulatory authorities. It can be overwhelming to take on this work yourself, so hiring a facilities maintenance company will guarantee you that the work will get done efficiently.

If you’re looking to hire a facilities maintenance company, our team at Hurd Construction Management is eager to talk with you and prepare service options for your needs. Our team at HURD is intimately familiar with routine and responsive maintenance measures to reduce building degradation and preventative failures. Current branch locations offering facility maintenance service contracts include Jacksonville and Orlando Florida markets. To contact us, click here or call our corporate office 866-231-2477.

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