At Hurd Construction Management, we understand moving into a newly leased office space or storefront can be one of the most exciting moments in a business owner’s career. Crossing the threshold commemorates a new kind of lifelong commitment, one to your business and your customers. It’s also a sign of expansion into new markets for a growing brand.

In this guide, Hurd Construction Management breaks down what you can do to turn those new white walls and open space into the exact image you’ve always imagined.


  1. Standing Out Amongst the Crowd With Hurd Construction Management
  2. Where Tenant Improvement Steps In (and Out)
  3. Get Started With Hurd Construction Management


Standing Out Amongst The Crowd With Hurd Construction Management:

At Hurd Construction Management, our expert team offers experience in tenant improvement contracting and construction consultation. Each project receives a tailored approach that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your business model
  • Your industry
  • Your customer base
  • Your location


With Hurd Construction Management, a Jacksonville tenant improvement may require a different strategy than an Orlando tenant build out thanks to our team’s:

  • Expert knowledge of local preferences and
  • Researching successful layouts in your area.
  • Taking true construction practices and applying them to your industry’s tone to create an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more.


Imagine opening a retail store and renting a building that was previously a marketing firm. Front desks and offices don’t make for a great shopping experience. It’s up to you to create a space that boosts sales and lets customers know exactly what kind of store they entered.


Where Tenant Improvement Steps In (And Out)

Tenant improvement services are how you’ll make your ideas a reality. It goes beyond four walls and a door. Every detail is covered to accurately project your brand and image.

  • Interior
    • In the interior of your building, you can take advantage of the addition or removal of doors, walls and office spaces. Lighting and electrical systems can be implemented throughout the building, facilitating new HVAC and mechanical systems in even the oldest of buildings. Areas of concern can be demolished and removed safely with industry-leading contractors leading the way.
  • Exterior
    • Some of the best parts of opening up shop in Florida are the open skies and sunny days. Summer is the perfect time to match the exterior with your ideal first impression. Signage, paint color and even full additions can be implemented to keep up with the new business you’ll attract, scaling as you need to.


Get Started With Hurd Construction Management:

Not sure where to start? Hurd Construction Management staffs world-class designers to help translate your thoughts into a blueprint for your dream location. Plan your perfect building inside and out with our turnkey tenant improvement and consultation services. Find out more about the process and get planning today.