//Putting Together A Strong Construction Team

Putting Together A Strong Construction Team

As a general contractor, every person is an essential part of the team. Each person has his or her own specific skillset that helps the team complete a project in a timely and efficient manner. But these people aren’t just individuals, they are team members, and teamwork is essential to the success of a contractor’s business.

At HURD Construction Management, we are a team of qualified professionals made up of superintendents, project managers, field construction technicians, general foreman, and associate project managers.

For a construction project management company to take on large projects successfully, every person needs to work together in a seamless fashion, which is why it’s essential to hire quality people and build a strong team.

In this article, we wanted to share with you what is needed to put together the right team for your construction business.

What Makes A Good Construction Team?

Communication – Communication is key. Communication needs to occur between the owner and employees, between employees, and between the business and the clients. You need to communicate regularly and efficiently to get anything accomplished on time and correctly. Open communication allows for the sharing of ideas and resolutions. You need people who are willing to communicate and listen.

Leadership – Good leadership holds together a good team. A leader makes critical decisions. The team’s success depends on the leader’s ability to lead.

Skilled workers – A team must be put together strategically. Certain positions need certain qualities to do their jobs. For example, you can’t have managers who are inexperienced, unapproachable, and negative. Hire project managers who have worked on difficult construction projects on time and within a budget.  You need to hire people with a diverse set of skills from electricians and plumbers to HVAC technicians and roofers. You want to hire people who have experience completing similar projects to what you do. Mix up hiring young and older workers, as well. Younger works may not be as experienced, but they are on top of the newest technologies and ways of doing things. Get references to vouch for potential employee’s work ethic, dependability, trustworthiness, and personality. Hire people who are passionate about this type of work!

Atmosphere – Create a work atmosphere and culture that shows your team you support and appreciate them.  When your team feels appreciated, they will work harder and deliver their best work because they believe in the work and your company’s goals and mission.

Motivation – Even if your team loves what they do, work can become tiring. Motivate your team to be the best they can by offering rewards, incentives, and recognition – these three things have proved to increase productivity in the workplace.

Hire a Construction Project Management Company in Jacksonville or Orlando

At Hurd Construction Management, we hire quality, skilled individuals to join our team.  We take pride in our effective personnel management, goal setting, appropriate delegation, attention to detail and organization with emphasis on communication and people through our teamwork. If you’re looking to hire a general contracting company, our team at Hurd can handle the job.

Hurd provides building and contracting services for building owners and managers, businesses, investors, tenants and organizations across industrial, commercial, retail, and education markets. We have locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida. To contact us, email us or call our Jacksonville office at 866-231-2477

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