Our Peterbrooke Tampa project has recently finished and is ready for its grand opening in two weeks! While the construction project progress is often showcased on our pages, it’s also important to highlight the client process. 

As a former educator, Jennifer was unsure of the construction process and needed guidance on how to successfully build out her franchise location, while sticking to the budget. By walking her through the entirety of the project scope and providing her our budget estimates, timelines, management processes, etc., we were able to find the most cost-effective plan that best fit Jennifer’s needs, as well as ours. 

Being familiar with the systems and regulatory policies, along with the relevant experience, provides Hurd’s project team with the advantage to know what challenges might be encountered and the solutions necessary for various project scopes, sizes, and types. If you are interested in consulting with our team, visit: hurd.construction/contact-hurd-cpm/.