Launch Pad was developed to help project owners navigate the franchise construction process by matching them with the right combination of consultative, construction management and contracting services that best suit their needs. Without the right blueprints and project team in place, it’s easy to miss the mark. In simple terms, Launch Pad is a comprehensive approach aligning your real estate, construction and program management goals to keep you on trajectory.

Hurd Construction Management is here to help you navigate multi-site rollouts whether in one city, or many. Whether seeking standalone services like general contracting, full-service turnkey, or program management Launch Pad was designed around one idea. We understand that as a business and franchise owner, bad planning is bad business. While you focus on running your business and securing new locations, our teams will be hard at work managing the rest.

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Cost Estimating

Whether you’re opening a franchise or starting your own business, the costs of a build-out of a commercial space is one of a business’ biggest questions and concerns, especially when sticking to a budget negotiated with a landlord. The cost of a build-out varies depending on the age and condition of a building and existing space, if certain parts can be reused, the type of business moving in, local permitting requirements, delineated work scope responsibilities, and the quality and types of materials being used, and more.

Interior Buildouts

Costs vary depending on conditions of existing space, quality and types of building materials specified, local permitting requirements, professional services required, and delineated work scope responsibilities (i.e. Landlord, Tenant).

LOW $50-80SF

MID $81-135SF

HIGH $136-200SF

New Construction

Costs vary depending on local regulatory agency requirements including impact and permitting fees, professional services required, land and other civil improvements, quality and types of building materials specified, and delineated work scope responsibilities (i.e. Developer, Tenant).

LOW $150-$200 SF

MID $201-315SF

HIGH $316-450SF

We’ve developed a free, simple cost estimator tool for you to use. Just answer the questions, send and we’ll return a preliminary estimate of what your anticipated price range might be.

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“With a wide variety of work performed, Hurd Construction has been on point with every step of the process from planning to completed work and with the upmost professionalism throughout the entire project. Each team member at Hurd is welcoming, knowledgeable and adheres to extraordinary standards with regards to quality of work being performed. Brandon and his team have always provided many options for our budget, timeline, and scope of work so we have some choices that best fit our needs.”

Neil Y., Facilities Director

“Our company faces many unique business challenges and I have found great value in identifying and cultivating the best possible relationships. Hurd Construction Management is one of these partners. I have seen nothing but responsiveness and good intention in all of their work and personal interactions. Amongst the competition, Hurd stands above them all and demonstrates the work ethic of a national firm.”

Nicholas M., VP of Real Estate

“I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with Hurd Construction on (4) projects within my (9) project retail roll-out program. The level of detail and professionalism they provide makes them stand out as the team I look to for quality work with full transparency. They are collaborative and accountable in resolving project challenges and team focused in celebrating accomplishments. Their onsite personnel, administrative staff and executive team are knowledgeable and always responsive to all of my concerns, big or small.”

N. Waddell, Project Manager (Owner)

“I have had the pleasure to work with Hurd Construction on several projects this past year and would not hesitate to recommend them for future projects. They are extremely knowledgeable and great craftsmen, but they are also great at communicating and problem-solving – all with a good sense of humor and a sense of urgency. As with any construction project, there were plenty of challenges to the schedule and budget, but the Hurd team did what it took to get the job done and produced an end product that exceeded expectations. The result was a construction experience that was as seamless as possible and I am grateful they were the GC’s for the projects!”

Kelly N., Design Professional

“Unbelievable experience. I challenged Hurd with a tight deadline and they rose to the occasion. They consistently stayed ahead of schedule and adjusted to make changes quickly. Opening a new business is difficult, but Hurd managed to make the construction the easiest part. I will definitely use them again.”

Josh D., Franchise Owner

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