Retail Construction Management


A retail store doesn’t have good business just based on its inventory inside; believe it or not, the retail store’s building can make or break a business. The look and feel of a store can either attract or put off customers, so it is essential to design a space that is targeted to a specific audience and location.

For retail business owners, commercial construction requires attention to details and a defined budget. While designing a retail space, it’s important to look at the big picture so the space can thrive and transform as needed in the future.

In retail construction management, timing is everything to ensure that the space will open on time to the public. We work hard to make sure the project flows smoothly. We listen to our clients and design and build a space that will help their retail business thrive.

Each retail construction project comes with its own challenges, but our team at Hurd Construction Management welcomes those challenges and can easily handle retail projects of any size or difficulty.  Decades of experience combined with highly-skilled contractors and subcontractors allow our team to create a high-quality, functional space in a timely and safe manner.

At Hurd, we make sure your retail project stays on track and within budget. Our retail construction management services include planning, communication, design, construction, quality assurance, and more. From the initial planning stages to the grand opening, we work hard every step of the way to ensure this retail project is everything you imagined and planned.

We have a focused experienced in retail construction management. Below, we’ve listed different retail project types we provide and work on:

Remodeling – Renovating and upgrading a currently-built space/property.
Buildout – Rebuilding of a new space as the old space no longer fits the needs of the business.
Storefront – Remodeling the front of a store to make the business more attractive from the outside.
Rebranding – Upgrading a current space/property by changing its look.
Sustainability – Updating a space to make it more “green.”

Hurd’s core values and competencies include paying attention to detail and organization with an emphasis on communication and people. We take pride in our effective personnel management and goal setting. We have a thorough understanding of total building systems and a comprehensive knowledge of CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems).

We build a solid relationship with our retail construction clients. We believe in open communication. We let our clients know what is happening through the entire project. We answer questions and address issues before they become problems.

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Our team at Hurd works hard to get your project done right the first time while meeting design standards, budgeting, quality, and functionality.

With our 75 plus years of combined construction and architectural experience, you can count on us to get the job done right. We have completed more than 2.6 million square footage of new construction, renovation, and improvements on an array of different projects. We are a trusted, reliable general contractor that will deliver you a high-quality retail space.

Looking for a retail construction contractor? You can count on the Hurd team to provide you with superior construction management services. We have locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida. To contact us at Hurd, email us about our retail construction management  services or call our Jacksonville office at 866-231-2477

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