Restaurant Construction Management


Customers don’t just judge and choose a restaurant based on its cuisine – the restaurant’s atmosphere totally determines the customer’s experience. As a restaurant owner, you don’t just want to showcase your food, you want to sell an entire dining experience to potential customers.

At Hurd Construction, we’ve worked with dozens of restaurant owners cooking up many different styles of food. With each client, we design a space that reflects the business’ and clients’ needs and wants. We work with our clients to determine what type of feeling and experience they want their customers to have upon entering the restaurant and choosing to dine there.

During our restaurant construction management process, we work with restaurant owners every step of the way whether they’re building a new location, wanting a redesign, needing to expand, needing to build multiple locations, or looking to build their first-ever restaurant.

We work with privately-owned restaurant owners as well as chain restaurants. With our extensive expertise in the restaurant building, design, and construction industry, we can handle any type of restaurant construction project.

Some of our restaurant construction projects include: rebuilds, remodels, new builds, new seating, new décor, new layout, painting, signage changes, repairs, lighting updates, and much more.

At Hurd, we understand the importance of deadlines and timeliness when it comes to the restaurant industry. With our skilled team of contractors and designers, we worked hard to deliver your restaurant on-time and within your budget.  We have a dedicated team that manages and oversees your project through completion.

We have experience in getting permits, health and safety inspections and precautions, and food equipment installations, so we can make your business a success.

We take pride in our communication to ensure you we are delivering you the restaurant you’ve envisioned within the agreed upon terms. We are honest with our clients and we address problems and overcome them as quickly as possible. We are passionate about delivering you the ideal place for your restaurant business.

Looking for Restaurant Construction Management Services?

Hurd Construction will deliver you a restaurant that will make your customers want to come back again and again.

Our team at Hurd works hard to get your restaurant done right the first time while meeting design standards, budgeting, quality, functionality, and of course, getting you to open on time.  

We have 75 years of combined construction and architectural experience that we bring to your restaurant project. We work hard to build a trusting, open relationship with our clients. We have completed more than 2.6 million square footage of new construction, renovation, and improvements on an array of different projects.

We are a trusted, reliable general contractor that will deliver you a high-quality restaurant.  We have an extensive restaurant expertise and keep up with the latest trends in the industry to help design and build the best place for your business, brand, and customers.

Looking for a restaurant construction contractor? You can count on the Hurd team to provide you with superior construction management services. We have locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida. To contact us at Hurd, email us about our restaurant construction management  services or call our Jacksonville office at 866-231-2477

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