Office Construction Management


There are thousands of businesses out there, and although they may all serve different purposes…they all need office space. Hurd Construction Management has designed, built, and completed all different types of office spaces and buildings.

From our initial meeting with our client, we listen to the goals of your space to determine how to design an office that maximizes space, promotes teamwork and collaborations, provides comfort, and is innovative in its design, function, and technology.

Whether you are a business owner or an investor, we can deliver you an office (or offices) that appeals to your target audience, clients, and staff.

For investors of office space, we design our buildings to be appealing and flexible, so a variety of different business owners could easily move into the space. For business owners, we design the space to fit the size, brand, feel, look, and purpose of the business/space.

We can design and build corporate offices and headquarters, high-rise buildings, parking structures, stand-alone office buildings, office suites and plazas, and more.

Our office construction management services go beyond design and building a new space. We also do build outs, rebuilds, renovations, and redesigns.
With each office construction project, we pay attention to the details, and use all the latest, sustainable and innovative methods and materials. An office space sets a tone. An office space reflects a brand. We work closely with business owners and investors to create office spaces that make sense for a business and its customers, clients, and location.

Throughout every office project, our clients work closely with our designers and contractors. We work hard to stick to our office clients’ time frame and budget, so they can use this space as quickly as possible.

As the various systems are assembled and work strategically completed, part of our office construction management services includes quality assurance plans that are implemented to ensure compliance with the approved project drawings, specifications, and applicable codes through building safety inspections, and regular reporting of construction activities to the client and design professionals.

Looking for Office Construction Management Services?

Hurd Construction will deliver you an office space where work will be productive, and business will be made.

Our team at Hurd works hard to get your office space done right the first time while meeting design standards, budgeting, quality, and functionality, so you can start being profitable.

The Hurd team has a combined 75 years construction and architectural experience that we bring to your office project. We build a trusting, open relationship with our clients. We have completed more than 2.6 million square footage of new construction, renovation, and improvements on an array of different projects.

We are a trusted, reliable general contractor that will deliver you a high-quality office space.  We have built and renovated many office spaces and buildings. We keep up with the latest trends in the industry to help design and build the best place for your business, brand, and customers.

Looking for an office construction contractor? You can count on the Hurd team to provide you with superior construction management services. We have locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida. To contact us at Hurd, email us about our office construction management  services or call our Jacksonville office at 866-231-2477

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