General Contracting


It is through clear project communication, drawings and other construction documentation that building contractors are informed how your project is to be built. As a prime contractor, Hurd Construction is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of your construction project, vendor and trade management, communication, and ultimately completing your project per your specifications.

We understand the importance of quality control and always begin by self-performing as many aspects of your project, as possible. Our in-house team of first-line supervisors, technicians and workers are OSHA certified and our entire organization is committed to an unyielding culture of safety. Our equally strong dedication to continuous improvement ensures that our clients’ projects are consistently completed on time, and within budget.

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New Construction


Once created designs are approved by the owner, funding in place, and all permits issued by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), construction may commence. At that start of every project kickoff meetings between the owner, design professionals, and contracting teams are held. During these meetings schedules are reviewed and adjusted for the shortest possible timeframe, procurement and supply chain requirements are considered, and subcontracts issued.

Coordinating and executing the physical work occurs throughout this phase. As the various systems are assembled and work strategically completed, quality assurance plans are implemented to ensure compliance with the approved project drawings, specifications, and applicable codes. This is accomplished through building safety inspections, and regular reporting of construction activities to the owner and design professionals. Managing the construction phase allows actual performance to be compared to budgeted performance, and adjustments made where necessary.

Tenant Improvement Services


Hurd Construction Management takes on and has a thorough understanding of private and public construction projects of all sizes. We have developed a tailored Tenant Improvement Services turnkey building solution focused on each project’s unique challenges.

One of the many construction challenges and types of work we offer is Tenant Improvement Services (TI Services). Think of Tenant Improvement Services as a makeover. Whether you’re a hair salon, doctor’s office, law firm, gym, bank, restaurant, or any other commercial or small business, a rentable space that looks like a box with four-plain walls, a ceiling, and floor may not quite cut it for you. With out tenant improvement services, we can improve upon this space for you.

Every company has specific needs for an office/retail space based on their needs and clients’ needs. Some tenants may need a lot of private spaces. Some tenants may need a lot of counter space or shelving. Some tenants may need areas for certain equipment. Without the proper tenant improvements, this space cannot suit your needs to the full extent. The inside of a dentist’s office does not look like the inside of a law firm, and there’s a reason for that – these two businesses have different objectives, needs, and clientele. A company’s office can also be a representation or a symbol of their brand, so you want a space to help define yourself to your customers/clients.

No matter what the empty rental space looks like, our experts at Hurd can transform the interior to fit exactly what you need to run your business efficiently.

TI is also known as “tenant finish” and “build out.” A TI helps you make a place feel like yours or “home.”  You don’t want to be a retail space with no racks or shelves, right? Or a doctor’s office without a private exam room? Or a company who’s branded color is blue and orange but all the colors in the office are yellow and red? You want to conduct business in a place that feels right for you, your employees, and your customers.


TI can include changes to the floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, painting, etc. At Hurd Construction, we construct TI services on medical spaces, restaurants, retail spaces, business offices, commercial offices, educational facilities, and more. Our TI services include the following:

  • Interior renovations to an existing commercial space/building/office. The renovation will reflect your business, its needs, and your clients’ needs. We revamp the space to me more inviting and appealing. We design the space to look exactly like your brand.
    • Interior doors
    • Interior walls
    • Interior office spaces
    • Electrical systems
    • HVAC systems
    • Mechanical systems
    • Ceiling and floor design
    • Painting
    • Rehabilitations
    • Lighting
    • Upgrades
    • Repairs
    • Demolition
    • Installations
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Removal of existing features
    • And much more!
  • We can add on an addition that will look like it’s always belonged to the rest of the office space. A business may need an addition to accommodate a larger number of employees, clients, equipment, or inventory.
  • Exterior renovations to an existing commercial space/building/office. We make the exterior more modern and inviting, while also accurately reflecting your industry and brand.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations all while sticking to a timeline and budget.


Some projects and spaces are like starting from a clean slate: four walls, a ceiling, and floor. Other projects and spaces require a lot of shifting and removal based on how many existing structures and mechanical/electrical work is there and needs to change. Whether simple or complex, our team at Hurd is skilled to handle any job and we’re eager to take it on!

We take on all sizes of TI projects in many industries and building types – we like a challenge. Our team of professionals provide industry depth, experience and foresight to help address your most strategic issues, so you capitalize on the opportunities ahead with this TI project.

With our Tenant Improvement Services, we know this space is crucial to getting your business up-and-running, so we work hard to get the job complete on time and within budget. We work closely with our clients every step of the way. We believe in open communication with out clients. Every decision we make gets us one step closer to satisfying our client’s needs and finishing the product.  Our team of contractors, subcontractors, and designers work together to design, renovate, and build a space you will be happy with.

Our designers look forward to meeting our clients and hearing their vision and ideas for the interior and exterior of the building and space. No one knows their business and brand better than our clients, so we work closely with them to create a space from top to bottom to make their vision a reality. Planning is a big and crucial part of the TI process. We go over the concept, design, materials, timeline, and costs – we want our clients to have a full-understanding of what the project entails. We create a doable, well-crafted project and get our client’s approval to move forward.

When conducting TI services, some improvements and modifications are more serious than others. With each change we make, we promise we do not compromise the structural integrity or stability or the space or building – you and the building will be safe.

Our team is experienced, skilled, creative, and innovate – led by strong leadership to successful deliver your TI project as promised. We pay attention to details, have exquisite communication and management skills, and know how to problem solve. We deliver excellent results.


Hurd Construction Management will deliver a space that reflects your business’ brand. From structure to color, nothing will be left behind. We will completely transform a space and make it yours.

Our team at Hurd works hard to get your space built right, while meeting design, budgeting, quality, and functionality requirements, so you can start being profitable.

Our Hurd team has a combined 75 years construction and architectural experience that we bring to your project. We have an open relationship with our clients built on trust. We have completed more than 2.6 million square footage of new construction, renovation, and improvement projects on different types of buildings and industries.

We are a trusted, reliable general contractor that will deliver you a high-quality space. We have built and renovated many office/retail/business spaces and buildings.

Looking for TI services? You can count on the Hurd team to provide you with superior construction and design services. We have locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida. To contact us at Hurd, email us or call our Jacksonville office at 866-231-2477.

Renovations and Alterations


Planned renovations, alterations, and improvements to your building or leased space are important for every business. Equipment’s useful service life reaches its end, furniture and finishes become worn, and trends change over the years leaving some spaces to be less than desirable. Hurd Construction Management understands the nuances of renovating and altering existing buildings so all the pieces properly fit together.

Hurd’s experienced Construction Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Field personnel think ahead and don’t guess. We integrate your needs and objectives with those of the designers, engineers, subcontractors, and vendors to ensure an effective yet efficient project. We do this with the upmost attention to detail, people, and processes for a high quality experience.

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