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Construction management uses proven project management techniques, principles and practices to manage the whole construction process. Hurd Construction Management provides this professional service of creating and implementing strategic goals and risk control plans for single construction projects, or regional rollout programs in the southeast. Our team starts from initial project planning and design, delivering through completion to occupancy.

The primary functions of Hurd Construction Management are to define controllable factors such as time, cost and quality. Our firm understands the importance of clearly delineating scopes, setting performance objectives, and choosing the right contracting teams and vendors. Effective implementation throughout the project lifecycle helps ensure the owners requirements are delivered as intended.

Hurd Construction Management prides itself on thorough front-end planning, setting performance standards, utilizing resources efficiently, and effectively implementing construction operations on behalf of the project owner. With over 75 years’ combined experience, Hurd Construction Management is prepared to support and serve your upcoming construction project needs.

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