CMc Construction Services With Hurd Construction Management

At Hurd Construction Management, we are committed to completing your construction projects and programs with the optimum efficiency, quality and overall value. One successful delivery method to achieving this outcome is Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc).

Construction Manager as Constructor Defined

A Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc), as defined as AIA Contract Documents, is a  project delivery method that combines both a contractor and construction manager into one role. 

The CMc method provides strong advantages for construction project owners. The construction manager is hired during the pre-construction phase to work with the owner and architect to provide scheduling, estimating, and constructibility services. The construction manager also reviews bids, awards contracts, manages subcontractors, and oversees construction from the start through completion. Hurd’s experience in this delivery method, combined with our strong local, regional and national  industry relationships, allows us to deliver cost-effective and high-quality construction solutions.

Industries that CMc’s Serve:

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