Most commercial spaces aren’t move-in ready for the next tenant. The space likely does not reflect the business that will be moving in. Most spaces are just a vanilla shell with plain walls, floors, and a ceiling – a business cannot just move a restaurant or bank or gym in there without some significant improvements or renovations to the space.

When it comes to renovating a commercial space, ideas are nearly endless. A business should have a space that reflects its business’ needs, personality, brand, and goals. If the business needs a lot of privacy, small offices should be built. If there have a lot of inventory, cabinets, shelves, and counters are a must. If the brand is “fun”, bold colors and patterns should be used. The company’s space reflects the company itself, so it is important that the space is designed and renovated to truly reflect the heart of your company to your clients/customers.

Our team at Hurd works with professionals to provide our clients with tenant improvement services. The space will be created to suit the clients’ needs. For renovations, we deal with doors, walls, electrical systems, installations, painting, lightings, demolition, removals, and much more.

No matter what the empty commercial rental space looks like, our experts at Hurd will transform the interior to fit exactly what is needed for a business to run efficiently and make the place feel like “home.”

Tenant Improvement Ideas Offered for a Commercial Space

For this article, we wanted to share with you some creative tenant improvement ideas that we can do or have done. Whether it’s a renovation to a doctor’s office, office space, a law firm, or clothing store, etc., we strive to create a space that reflects the needs and brand of a business.

  • Installation of glass partitions to make spaces that are private, but not blocked off.
  • Installation of water elements (fountains, waterfalls).
  • Installation of decorative ceiling tiles, doors, and moldings.
  • Painting of walls, ceilings, moldings.
  • Installation of windows to replace wall space.
  • Building of shelving, compartments, kitchens.
  • Planting trees into flooring.
  • Installation of carpets and tile.
  • Removal of old ceiling work.
  • Removal of walls.
  • Building of new walls.
  • Addition and installation of electrical outlets, power panel updates, lighting lines, and date lines.

These are some of the tenant improvement solutions we can provide. We take on all sizes of tenant improvement (TI) projects in many industries and building types. Our team of professionals provide industry depth, experience and foresight to help address your most strategic issues, so you capitalize on the opportunities ahead with this TI project.

Like stated above, a commercial space is rarely ready to be used “as is” and requires certain improvements for the business that is about to occupy it.

Hire a Construction Management Company in Jacksonville or Orlando

Through tenant improvements and renovations, a business can maximize the space it has, while creating a space that IS reflective of its brand.

Hurd Construction Management will deliver a space that reflects a business’ brand. Our team will work hard to get a business’ space built right, while meeting design, budgeting, quality, and functionality requirements.

Depending on your situation, before renting and moving into a commercial space, you’ll want to negotiate a tenant improvement allowance with a landlord. You want to have the most money and control and the best-quality materials, contractor, labor, etc. for your project.

At Hurd, you will get the best contractor for your tenant improvement job. Our Hurd team has a combined 75 years construction and architectural experience that we bring to your project. We have an open relationship with our clients built on trust. We have completed more than 2.6 million square footage of new construction, renovation, and improvement projects on different types of buildings and industries.

Looking for a contractor for your commercial renovation/tenant improvement services? You can count on the Hurd team to provide you with superior construction and design services. We have locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida. To contact us at Hurd, email us or call our Jacksonville office at 866-231-2477.