Breaking Down the Benefits of Construction Management Software With Hurd Construction Management.

Handling Project Controls with Construction Management Software

At Hurd Construction Management, our expert team has a purposeful and thought out approach for all of our projects. To begin,

1. All of our construction quality control and coordination strategies are tailored to follow standard industry practices for construction bid situations that may relate to:

    • Shop drawings
    • Inspections 
    • Permit approvals are concerned. 

2. All of our Cost coding structures adhere to Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) 2012 standards, or sooner. Preferred contract forms are per the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

This can be accomplished through construction management software used by both members of the team on and off the site.

In this guide, we break down how construction management software can help commercial general and building contractors like Hurd Construction Management provide dependable, quality service on your next project.


  1. Handling Project Controls with Construction Management Software 
  2. Scheduling A Project Using Construction Management Software
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Handling Project Controls with Construction Management Software

Hurd Construction Management uses Construction management software that is industry specific designed to manage and administer construction projects.

Project controls are a vital part of the construction management process. At Hurd Construction management, these controls are handled by technology using networked computers, devices and mobile apps for construction specific software and CSI formatted job costing. Both management and field supervisory personnel use this software to enter and withdraw data relative to each project. 

Some of the advantages of this process are:

  1. The reporting of daily activities is done within a given format thus ensuring the data is uniformed and recognizable.
  2. The availability of accessing the database for your project and coordinating that with Hurd’s field personnel ensures that both are viewing and describing the same information in real time.
  3. Documenting and organizing of project files including RFIs, submittals, change order/directives and reporting logs are conveniently tracked in one centralized location for easy retrieval. More important than the technology and individual capabilities of each team member is the basis of communication between Hurd and yourself. The ability to analyze data, provide timely responses and react to changing situations is greatly enhanced by the methods that are employed by Hurd. This system gives management the complete understanding of the status of the project and allows them to react to any and all changing conditions.

Scheduling A Project Using Construction Management Software 

A project’s timeline is crucial. Our project scheduling is done using current construction specific software and estimating programs. By using this integrated software, Hurd can have the information created and uploaded as a database for the project schedule. Inturn,

  1. All the man-hours and crew sizes are recognized by the software thus allowing the schedule to reflect the actual concept of the project as estimated. 
  2. Once this data is introduced to the scheduling department, this information is analyzed and factors such as:
    • Human resources
    • Material sources
    • Owner’s requirements are accommodated.

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At Hurd Construction Management, our mission is to fulfill the demand for high-quality, resource-efficient commercial real estate and construction management services by being a trusted provider of smart, integrated CRE solutions for clients throughout the southeast United States, and the world. 

Our qualified team is ready to provide construction project planning, management, and delivery on par with your project’s needs and budget today. 

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